Maryoku Yummy

Maryoku,Ooka,and Fij Fij and wishes

Maryoku Yummy is an American-Irish television series debuted on The Hub, which overtook Discovery Kids on October 10, 2010. It is based on the 2001 greeting card character, Maryoku Yummy. The show is created by American Greetings, who owned other properties such as Strawberry Shortcake and Care Bears, while either also had their own show being aired on The Hub.

Plot Edit

Maryoku Yummy is set in a whimsical world known as Nozomu. There, wishes granted from children are sent here, although wishes are depicted as small creature-like beings. These beings are known as the 'Yummy', which is also used as a term for common sayings. Maryoku and her friends, Ooka and Fij Fij, go around Nozomu, doing everyday things and solve problems with their many other friends, such as playground 'leader' Hadagi, public watcher Shika, wish deliverer Bob, calm yummy leader Tapo Tapo, work duo Nonzi and Yuzu, cook Omoshi and assistant Jeppy, fitness coach Enro and wish doctor Zuno. So far the only wish not granted, but lives in Nozomu with the Yummies, is a yellow and blue wish by the name of Fudan, who can talk unlike the other wishes.

Characters Edit

  • Maryoku: The main protagonist. She is pinkish-red with a yellow spiral antennae and a yellow spiral tail. She makes sure all wishes are loved, encouraged, and cared for and is always there to help anyone, especially her friends.
  • Ooka: Maryoku's friend. She is blue-green with a green antennae. She would rather take the day off than work, which sometimes gets her in trouble. However, she enjoys good laughs.
  • Fij Fij: Maryoku's other friend. He is yellow with a pinkish-red nose. He is extremely shy and very cautious. Luckily, Maryoku is there to bring him out of his shell.
  • Hadagi: The leader of another Wish-Sitting team. She is purple with a yellow star antennae. Hadagi can sometimes be bossy and jealous of Maryoku at times. She could also get very competitive.
  • Bob: The Yummies' wish deliverer, who is yellow and wears a wish hat. He can deliver wishes to Nozomu very fast. He also provides a sense of humor while on his job.
  • Shika: The Yummies' officer, who is blue with a green hat. He knows all about rules, and sometimes can get cranky when someone doesn't listen.
  • Nonki: An inventor; he is teal and wears a construction hat. He is really smart and can fix almost anything. He barely says a word.
  • Yuzu: Nonki's friend; he is yellow and white with a leaf antennae. He also likes to invent, but sometimes messes up. He's also the one who usually speaks.
  • Omoshi: A chef; he is green with a chef's hat. He doesn't use recipes, rather making up some of his own.
  • Tapo Tapo: The Yummies' leader who is blue with a yellow spiral antennae. He's wise and always helps out the Yummies when they're stuck.
  • Fudan: A yellow and blue ungranted wish who lives with Tapo Tapo. In "Promises, Promises", Ooka tries to grant him, though Maryoku reveals he doesn't want to be granted because he's her favorite wish. Eventually, he will get granted someday.
  • Enro: The Yummies' fitness teacher and coach; she is orange and wears a whistle. She teaches wishes to work out and usually helps Maryoku when she can't get a wish to listen.
  • Zuno: The Yummies' wish doctor; she is red and wears a doctor's mirror. She can help wishes feel better whenever they are sick before you can say "Yurble Burble".
  • Mabui: Shika's assistant who is pink with a yellow eggshell antennae. Her singing makes Shika dance along.
  • Jeppy: Omoshi's assistant who is orange with a striped tail.
  • Oolong: Hadagi's assistant who is orange with a star tail. He can't speak, but Hadagi translates his language. He's also the strongest yummy, but caring.
  • Baburu: A member of Hadagi's wish-sitting team who is blue. She lives in a bubble and has a good sense of humor.
  • Bishu: Tapo Tapo's flying assistant who is purple with a pink antennae. She watches over the community and is always willing to know what's up to date.
  • Inu: Fij Fij's pet who is blue and white. He is playful and friendly to everybody.